Reader reactions for VRIN: ten mortal gods

“Absolutely fabulous! Suspenseful- Good plot- Good message.
Some books, you read once, then pass it along-
But this one is a keeper!
You get something new every time you read it.”
(Joni, age 50, homemaker/carpenter's assistant)

“It's a cool story. I liked the concept and the exploration
of who we are.” (Carl, age 47, Biochemical Researcher)

“I think it's pretty cool and awesome.
I've read up to chapter eight so far.” (Danika, age 11)

“Some parts I didn't understand ... But other parts-
I didn't want to put it down!” (Natalie, age 74, grandmother)

“For me there was no question, I HAD to finish the book.”
(Kate, age 22, artist)

“I started it and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up 'till 2:00AM to finish it.
He needs to write a second book soon!”
(Teisha, age 25, wife and mother)

“VRIN: ten mortal gods is a wonderful creation woven with
intriguing characters and thought provoking adventure ...
I have really enjoyed it.” (Merrianne, age 17)

“This is the first book I've enjoyed in a long time. The characters are vivid and strong. It's enticing- imaginative- riveting. Each chapter leaves me thirsty for the next one-- kind of like (the show) 24.”
(Ernie, age 55, manager of a mental health facility)

“I don't even like science fiction/fantasy, but once I started reading VRIN, I wanted to keep reading it 'till I was done. It was deep enough to really make me think ...
but not so deep that I couldn't understand it.
(Hope, age 31, homeschooling mom)

“I get annoyed when real world events pull me out of the world of VRIN.”
(Dean, age 37, web developer)

“... tremendously entertaining ... (VRIN has) intrigue, plot twists, and surprisingly new elements. This could easily be adapted to the big screen and would sell a lot of popcorn. War and Peace?- No! Good story line and fun to read?- Absolutely!”
(Adam, age 42, gentleman and avid reader)


  1. For those of you who have read VRIN, please feel free to share what you think here in the comments.

  2. Since I'm not much of a pleasure reader, I have to thank John for writing a book that I could actually enjoy. The book was appropriately cerebral and completely accessible. I was hooked within the first ten pages. When John releases his next book, I'll definitely read it.

  3. John is such a talented man and you can see that through this book! He weaves fantasy and reality with drama and suspense. I highly recommend Vrin: ten mortal gods to anyone who enjoys a high action and thought provoking masterpiece.