"Voices is an exciting sequel to Messages..
loved this book from page 1"

"Exciting, unpredictable, clever suspense"

"Once again, Hileman delivers"

"This is a fast-paced, engaging story with layers of meaning beyond the surface story."

Six months after strange messages lead David Chance through a gauntlet of lies and terror, they are back-this time drawing him unwillingly into a murder mystery involving an elusive teen with a mysterious gift. Jon Blake is a troubled teen with faint aspirations of escaping Boston and attending college, but when the voices in his head save his life and begin revealing hidden secrets, he finds himself lured into a national conspiracy involving the FBI and powerful businessmen. These two lives, guided by unknown forces, weave together in unexpected twists toward one inescapable conclusion.

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  1. I read one of your ebooks (Messages) through Amazon purchase and wanted you to know I loved it, partly because I've had similar experiences (at the beginning of God's training of me in the prophetic at least) and believe (as it sounds like you don't) God can indeed speak to us in a similar way.

    However, I also believe God's mission, worldview, Scriptures, etc. should be the guide for any interpretation, not merely what appears to be highlighted. To me (along with the fact that there was "pick and choose" involved), that's as key to knowing what God says anywhere as things that are highlighted. (I usually look for confirmation in other places as well before putting my whole trust in such messages, personally.)

    About being checked out for seeing messages in lamps, dogs, etc.: as a matter of fact, I HAVE been checked out, not so long ago, and the psychologist determined me to, yes, be reality-based, in spite of the fact that I relayed an instance of one such occurrence.

    Re: possibility of truthfulness of the way you presented it; though possible, I don't see God normally giving messages to UNBELIEVERS that they could actually receive (not having His mind without the gift of salvation, and all), so I agree with you there. But as I see it, I also believe most Christians discount God's intervention in our lives on so many levels, don't you? Even the ability to have a steady job for many years can be a form of God's intervention, yes? He's the one who holds everything together. Chaos is normal without Him.

    I'm sorry you don't believe in God's ability to speak to us through dogs, etc. - Didn't God speak through a donkey to Balaam once when he was hell-bent on acting against God's people? And according to Jesus, if WE don't praise Him, even rocks can. I honestly don't see that God is hindered by much of anything He doesn't choose to be hindered by if He needs to get a message across. (Sometimes I wish He wasn't so clear. Then I could in good conscience get away with more!)

    Too bad you reject the possibility of God speaking this way. Couldn't knowing other people's stories along these lines give new inspiration for your own stories? I could share a bunch of things from my own experience (and I'm only one person) that might even give inspiration for more of the kind of things you write about. To my way of thinking, I see your stories sort of God-inspired, as there are elements in Messages that resemble things God has done in my own life.